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Hello I'm Mure, 2nd year Illustration student at Camberwell. Want to know more? About me is here!
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Dogs are strange

Aug 28

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Aug 26

I’m thinking of maybe getting a little book of Triangle Folk printed if I do enough of them. Maybe even before Seven Stones gets done because I won’t be able to do any more work proper on that for a while (sketching pages yeah, but I prefer to work sketch a page, ink a page, rather than doing them in batches) since I won’t have a proper workspace for a couple of weeks, whereas I can draw these guys whenever and where ever.

What do you guys think, would you be interested in a little book of Triangle Dudes?

Teeny tiny sketchbook. I recorded this hoooours ago but it uploaded wrong and I had to wait for ages for YouTube to rotate the images. Should be okay now!

I am getting massively carried away with these guys. Some day I will tell the triangle people story but today is not that day.

Two more of these fellas

Moving day no. 1 has been postponed until tomorrow morning. Gives me more time to sort out the last few things!

Triangle warrior

Triangle warrior

Flicking through my big sketchbook.

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